this an entirely egotistical and selfish thread, so i apologise for it in advance! but a comment from medusa has got me thinking - how do i want to get my hair cut?

i love long hair, and this time last year had hair past my brastrap when curly. it then got chopped off last january so it didn't touch my shoulders. when it was short i got MEGA big ringlets, all over my hair. but i love the look of it long.

so i'm getting my hair cut in a week's time. i usually always get a trim with my hair cut all at the same length, with a little shaping at the front.

i was thinking of getting long layers this time, as i feel that the top layer of my hair is getting weighed down by the length and the curls are being pulled out, so if it was a little shorter it would spring up and look nicer. also it would give my hair a more 3-d appearance.

however medusa said that when she got short layers she doesnt get many ringelts. i'm not worried that if i got even long layers my hair just wouldnt curl right and would still all clump together with stringy bits at the bottom.

so now i need advice! how should i get it cut?

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