Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I haven't done anything since last Tuesday. Between traveling and being a bit under he weather I just haven't gotten it done. I'll be traveling this week for work too, so I'll be lucky to get 2 workouts in.

Glad to hear everyone else is doing good.

WileE, Isn't your race next week? Are you psyched?

Mama, Great race!! and I was able to see why your instructor wants you to perform when you posted the vid of your class. Good for you!

Aussie, I wouldn't say that was common, but I wouldn't call it uncommon either. Was your stomach fine before you started to workout? Perhaps you just pushed a bit too much. I will occasionally feel a little nauseous when I push really hard. I back off a bit and then I'm fine. Don't worry if you get just a little nauseous once in a great while. If it occurs often, talk to a doctor. Basically, listen to your body.

If you started working out within an hour or two of eating you may want to make sure you eat smaller meals before you work out and then have a small snack after.

If you do eat a large meal you probably want to wait 1-1/2 to 3 hours before working out (you'll have to play with the timing based on what a large meal is for you).
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