Stopped brushing completely.
Started combing conditioner through in the shower.
Started using silicone, then
Stopped using silicone.
Started scrunching the good way.
Stopped blowing my hair out.
Started air drying more.
Bought a diffuser.
Stopped touching my hair as much.
Started reading product ingredients.
Stopped hating my hair and grew it long.
Cut way back on my shampooing.

I started reading articles around the site a long time before I started posting here. It was in January, 2001 that I came out of curly denial. I had to go to Seattle and my hair went *boing* the second I got off the plane. My own mother wanted to know if I had a perm. That was the big clue.

When I got back home, I started looking up how to take care of curls and that led me here. It wasn't until I got the CG book last year and wanted to see if other people were doing the same routine that I started posting, but I've completely changed the way I look at my hair (and take care of it) in the last three years.
3a/b, fine, lots of it