I posted this on the 3C board. After 6 years, I gave my bi-racial daughter her first hair cut. I took off about 6 inches and she still has past the shoulder length hair, but the hair that was cut and what is now her hair are two different and distinct textures.

I will be doing a Fotki this weekend! YEAH!! So, you will see my 6 year old daugher's transitions. I am loc'd, so this has been quite the experience working with her hair. I have loved every minute of it challenges, setbacks and maintenance. As I mentioned in another thread, her hair has "changed" from this beautiful, big full, coily Afro 3C to more of a 3B-3C after her first hair cut which I did. What I have found is that truly, less is more. Here is where we are now:

1) Coconut oil as a pre-treatment to shampooing is fahbulous!! I now do a 20 minute Coconut oil pre-treatment where the Coconut oil is heated up, I apply by section and then a plastic cap.

2) Shampoo the scalp and not the hair. That is so true. That was a great tip from Terri on tighlycurly.com

3) Condition the hair in sections from root to ends and rinse out. I don't believe in leaving conditioner in the hair that is supposed to be rinsed out. ( I am partial to Jane Carter Solution conditioner).

4) Use a light spray in condtioner that is made to be used as a leave in. (Jane Carter leave in). Do this by section.

5) Jojaba oil is the Holy Grail for my daughter's hair. I have never used heat on her hair to dry. I may have used a diffuser once or twice now that I remember. But heat to dry her hair is a NO NO! No ifs ands or buts!
After I have sprayed her leave in (Jane Carter) I section her hair into 6 to 8 sections, detangle and apply a generous amount of Jojaba oil to that section and BRAID. No twists, but braid. I do this for her entire head. Her braids hold "okay"..when there was more "texture" to her hair, they held very well, they now slide a bit, but that is okay.

6) She plays for the rest of the day and I take them out the next day. I don't have to put anything else on her hair for the next week except Jojaba oil. I put a small amount through my hands, rub those together and run through her hair in sections. No raking product, no gels, no hair milk..no nothing. Just the Jojaba oil every few days.

I sometimes braid it at night depending on how cold and dry the next day is predicted to be. Then I just take her braids out and she is good to go as I cut her hair into a graduated bob.

I live New England and it is dry, cold and being in and out of heat and cold is very drying to your skin and hair. Her hair retains moisture well, but the Jojaba oil seems to be the Holy Grail with keeping her on point. Conditioners, heavy pomades, hair milks, all unnecessary for her hair. In fact, it made her hair tangle and knot. I can now stop the PJ madness and save some money! *lol*