Hope I can figure out how to post the old and new looks. I was a Deva girl for years until they jacked up the haircuts about 30% without any warning. I moved out of NYC. I got GRAY. I finally found a WONDERFUL stylist in So Cal and now drive to Upland, CA (the middle of freakin' nowhere!) to see her. With her, we grew a mane of curls, with blonde hilights to hide the gray.

But I suddenly wanted a change. My hair had felt very blah and was just not cooperating. It had to GO!

So here is my new pixie cut! I love it! You have a before and after here. The before is a little strange, because my curls had been twisted and clipped to the top of my head as punishment for a couple of days!

Now I have to figure out how to style it so that I don't get those flyaway curls, which I hate!!

Oh - and the stylist is Lora Johnson - you can find her on FB or at Ricciola in Upland.
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