I have a small forehead but have only this year grown out my fringe & become bangless. I love not having the hassle of a curly/wavy fringe, it was always too long or too short depending on how my hair decided to dry.
The only down side is that now I have no fringe & longer layers my hair is flatter on top.
Also I have a widow's peak so it is difficult to part my hair in the middle though I am hoping my hair will get used to this. If I part at the side my hair is just hanging over half my face the whole time, although sometimes this is not a bad thing I'm worried I may eventually end up under a bus.
U.K curly

3A Curly Twirly.
Golden brown (coloured to cover grey).
Low poo: Dr Organic, L'Oreal Everpure.
Conditioner: Dr Organic Argan Oil.
Leave In: Aussie, Curl Harmony.
Gel: Curl Keeper Original, Umberto Gianni.