I've changed everything about my routine since finding this site. I no longer brush at all, not even before or during showering. I put product in very wet hair, as opposed to damp hair. I know to finger comb when my hair is wet. I know the importance of conditioner and conditioning, and to monitor shampoo usage and the effects it has on my hair. I know how to diffuse now, how to get more height at the crown, and how to plop.

Most of all though, my product knowledge has increased drastically. I know all about the kind of products (mousse, gel, cream etc) and about the products that work for many people, work for certain hair types, or are plain useless.
I also know about ingredients, and now check the ingredients list on every product I buy. I know to be careful about silicones, watch out for the effects of protein, and counter-act drying alcohols with lots of conditioner.