Careprost is another brand name for Latisse (generic name is bimatroprost). I have been using bimatroprost for my eyelashes since last April, and, yes, it does make them grow. I wouldn't say my lashes are super-duper-lush, but they are as least as nice as they were in my youth (I'm 48, and my lashes had gotten very skimpy). Bimatroprost is really the only thing that makes lashes grow. Any of those over-the-counter or expensive cosmetic products

I've purchased Careprost from Their products are authentic, but they're from India, not the USA, so you should be aware of that. Their overseas shipping is high, but it's a flat rate of $25 to the USA no matter how much you buy, so when I purchase from them, I usually buy a lot to make the shipping worthwhile. I buy my Retin-A from them also.