I have really good sturdy clips -- I got them from my stylist. I bent them and put them closer to my scalp tonight and they worked just fine. I didn't get as much lift as what she got because I don't think I left them in long enough. I have a Christmas party/dinner tonight and I didn't want to make a total mess out of everything - LOL.
But they did stay in nice and tight this time. Next time I'll put more in and diffuse longer with them in. I think I'll be happy enough.
I'm having issues with the left side of my hair I don't know what it's doing. ACK!! The right side is all curly and full of defined curls. The other side, kind of big, fluffy type, almost un-defined. What the hell???
My stylist said that we need to embrace our curls no matter what and just understand that they can be different each day. We talked about cowlicks and she said those can change almost daily too.
But I want PERFECT curly hair!!!

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b