I'm sorry if this is a "dumb" question but how does 4B differ from 4C? I was under the impression that 4B didn't form a visible and/or clumping hair pattern all together?
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I thought 4b still clumped but had the z formation.
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Hummm... Did you take a look at the link I posted that shows off Whitley Gilbert's hair. If you didn't, here it is http://www.nappturality.com/forum/sh...&postcount=475
It freshly washed and product free...just like my hair is in the example I posted.

But there is a visually distinctive difference between the way her hair clumps into coils and hangs and the way mine just draws up into a puffy looking massive cloud.

That's pretty much the distinction that we make between cNapps and non cNapps. In that pic of Whitley, she is easily some version of a 4A.

Now I've seen some cNapps who have hair that naturally clumps (see middle pic for example http://nappyme.wordpress.com/cnapy-albums/ ) but there aren't really any spirals or coils or curls it just draws up and sticks straight up. Perhaps the young lady in this pic does have hair that has that infamous z pattern...dunno.

But again...the point is that cNapp hair does not CLUMP to show off any type of curl/coil/wave pattern. As I look at the young lady's cNapp hair in the above link... I can't tell what's going on with her individual strands. But when I look at Whitely's hair, she quite clearly and most definitely has coils. So that's the difference, in my mind, between 4a and 4b/cnapp hair.
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I can't see that link b/c I'm not a member of Nappturality. But I do know what Jasmine Guy's hair looks like. Is that who you're talking about? I understand the difference between 4a and 4b. I was confused about what 4c was? Unless you are saying 4b/cnapp is the same as 4c? Sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous post.

@KinkyRhonnie: Yes, that sounds right. I think I meant "clumping" in a different sense.