Ekua, if you used paypal, couldn't you get a refund... then again, the refund process is difficult through paypal. I had an issue on ebay, involved paypal in the dispute and lost. Either way, I, too, am quite hesitant these days in swapping or selling.
I don't know but I don't think people are as honest as they should be, or have good intentions when swapping/selling. From now on, I think I will just purchase from the vendor. It's safer.
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Yes, it Eluka paid with Paypal, she should be able to get a refund unless the money was sent as a gift. If the person screwed you, they will investigate and you *should* get it back. I imagine that doesn't always work, but it has worked for me regarding Ebay. They went after 2 people for me and I did get my money back.