Ladies, I've been so busy of late that I'm just responding, but yes, I did open a Paypal dispute and immediately escalated it to a claim, since I already tried to communicate to resolve this before this point.

All I have to add to Nea's list is that for anyone who does have a bad experience, don't hesitate to post the name of the person concerning your experience. If I had known there was a history, I would have bypassed this chick.

Apparently, there are also swappers who have been doing this a while that aren't really doing this on the up and up either. I run a business, so I don't have an issue with packing materials, but really, even using some shredded newspaper makes great insulation.

As for hairs in/on products.... I mean really... do we have to educate grown women on hygiene???? Uuuuggghhh! Common sense says... would you buy hair products that have hair in/on them???

The worse excuse to me in the world is about being unable to get online. You were able to get online to put a product up for swap and to COLLECT my money, so you should be able to get online to RESPOND to your messages. Plain and simple. As Ed Lover says, "C'mon Son! GTFOHWTBS!"

Anyway, I'm done buying on the swap boards. I'll stick with the vendors and people I've dealt with in the past.
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