Your daughter and her hair are beautiful. I have the same issue with my twins and their dry hair but I continue to try different products. Do you leave her hair loose at bedtime? If so, try braiding it instead then letting her wear a braid-out the next day. I use the Curly Q line on my daughter's hair as well and the Quenched Curls Moisturizer coupled with Hairveda Whipped Gelly (or another suitable styling product) works wonders on her hair. I also rotate Curly Q Milkshake or Hairveda Whipped Cream in for moisture. Dry hair is a huge issue in this household so daily moisture is a must Kinky Curly Knot Today is a great conditioner and leave-in as well.
Transitioned 26 months - BC - 12/5/2010
Current - SL ; CBL stretched
Goal - HL curly

Pre-poo - HV Vatika Frosting
Wash - HV Amala Cream Rinse or SheScentIt (SSI) Jojoba Hemp Conditioning Shampoo (to clarify)
Leave-in -
SSI Coco Creme Leave-In/Green Grape then seal with HV Cocasta Shikakai Oil or Komaza Coconut Curl Spray plus Coconut Curl Hair Lotion
DC -
SSI Banana Brulee
Edges/twist outs - KCCC/Komaza
Coconut Curly Pudding/Curl Gel-les`c

Still sampling...just the PJ in me