I can't see that link b/c I'm not a member of Nappturality. But I do know what Jasmine Guy's hair looks like. Is that who you're talking about? I understand the difference between 4a and 4b. I was confused about what 4c was? Unless you are saying 4b/cnapp is the same as 4c? Sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous post.

@KinkyRhonnie: Yes, that sounds right. I think I meant "clumping" in a different sense.
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4b and cNapp texture is one in the same. I have no idea what 4c is.
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Oh...well that was what this thread was about! I thought you were explaining 4c. Sorry for the confusion lol.
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I realize that. However, the very first line in KinkyRhonnie's post states that 4c is cNapp hair and that is incorrect. That's why I posted...to explain that cNapp and 4B hair are one in the same. the "c" in "cNapp" has nothing to do with 4c hair.

With regard to 4c --- guess some folks feel the need to define their hair as kinkier than 4B but the well known hair types 1 thru 4b were designated by Andre (whatever his last name is) Oprah's hairdresser. And those are the designators that many of us online go by. Now suddenly this 4C designation has cropped up independant of the original Andre scale, and I've seen NO consistent definition of what this is by anyone. So as far as I'm concerned 4C will remain OFF my radar it doesn't exist. I mean come on...do we really need ANOTHER hair type?

Eh...but what do I know? This is where I typically bow out of hair typing conversations cause you can't please everyone since hardly anyone's hair fits into a nice neat package.

Personally, I'm happy just being a 4b/cNapp; it works for me.