I started my DD on the OCM last week. Her t-zone is very oily. Lots of blemishes, and so many, big blackheads, and redness. Being that she's 14, and is skeptical about EVERYTHING, I had to do some fancy footwork to get her to even try it. Right after the first treatment, she said her skin felt "okay." No comment the following morning, but the second morning, a different story! We both could see improvement. Redness reduced, acne clearing, and the blackheads shrinking! We couldn't believe it! After the second, treatment, even better. The best yet, friends are asking her what her new acne medicine is. She laughed as she told me how they reacted to the idea that it is oils. She told them, 'no, it's the good kind of oils.'

We're so happy with the OCM. Thanks to all who have shared their experiences with it, without you, I wouldn't have known about it.
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That's great to hear! I have a 15 year old that I want to get started on this as well. Thanks for sharing.
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curlykey. Based on our experience (I'm using it too) I say go for it! Just a tip, in case your DD can be resistant as mine can be, I did tell DD that the castor oil is found in the pharmacy aisle at the grocery store. I didn't tell her it's use for constipation!
Trader Joe's Tingle conditioner wash/ conditioner
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