Whoops I thought 4c was the same as cnapp. So I guess I should change my signature. Honestly, when I see some of the photos of what some posters think is 4b hair, it looks like my hair after a texturizer.

Even when I go to an African salon once my already thick hair is wet and starts getting really tangled and nappy they say, "I'll give you the price I quoted this time but next time..."
Poo- Deva, Wen, Shea Moisture
Co- Aubrey Organic, GPD DevaOne.
Detangler- Aussie moist, Dove
LI- SM Curling Milk, infusium
KCCC KT on certain days
Oil- Coconut, jojoba,
Goal: Peace, healthy hair and to not spend alot of time and money on my hair.