Dutch girl over here!! Hoe gaat het?
I use rhassoul to wash my hair. You can buy it at those natural food stores (Natuurwinkel etc.) I also know Avalon Organics is sold at De Tuinen. They also sell other lines carrying sulfate-free shampoos and cone-free conditioners and styling products. Just check the ingredients lists.... some product lines are more 'natural' than others. Anyway, don't buy your stuff from The Body Shop. They use natural ingredients but at the same time they put high amounts of sulfates, cones and parabens and cheap druggstore brands do. Same story with Aveda. Don't let the sign 'natural' mislead you.

Hope you can find something that works for you. By the way, there was this tread somewhere with other Dutch people... Really don't know where they went...

Doei doei
3C, very fine (and fragile) hair

Wash:Rhassoul, once every 1 or 2 weeks
Condition: AO Honeysuckle Rose
DT: Jessicurl weekly deep conditioning treatment
Henna: once every 2 weeks
Leave in: Yes to cucumbers

On s'en fou!

Yes I'm Dutch, yes my hair is kinky, start dealing with it!