Okay, Ms. DEL2C suggested this as another topic of discussion.

Alexjoujou brought up a brilliant point (in a product review thread I think -- can't remember which one) that she likes leave-ins that "grab" your hair. She sited Hairveda MCPro as a specific example. I knew what Alex was talking about, because some of the combo's I've had the most success with were combos that almost made my hair stiff while wet.

Del mentioned she'd also had a lot of success with leave-ins that make her hair feel this way, so she thinks we might be on to something (for some people at least).

SOooooOo now we need to discuss -- how does your favorite leave in make your hair feel -- AND if you do have leave ins that make your hair "grabby" which ones are they?

I like Hairveda MCPro for just this reason. Its "grabby". DEL -- maybe you can try Hairveda's protein free condish? I also think CJ BC leave in makes my hair grabby. Both Alex and I think the notable exception to the grabby rule is CJ CA leave in. That's just a good leave in no matter what hah.
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