I don't think it's a protein thing because Lustrasilk gives me that grabby feeling. It's the same kind of feeling I get from a curl cream that has some hold to it. I think there is something to the fact that as wavies we're trying to keep our curl as much as possible. That's quite a list Alex has going there!! I certainly haven't tried all those! I don't get that grabby feeling from CJ Rehab though but I only use it as a LI with CIAB because it adds weight to my hair. The two just play well together. I always reach for Lustrasilk this time of year. One thing I've noticed is stearamidopryl dimethylamine seems to help me with the "grab" I acutally liked Aura Cherry Almond Bark as a LI too. I agree with Alex that my past experience with KCKT and KBB Milk or Nectar was too slippery. I like the silky feeling in my conditioners for my rinse out, I don't need it for detangling I just like that slip.
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