Thanks, I also didn't know what 'grabby' stands for.
I also think it's link to the porosity.

I've porous hair and I love conditioner with a lot of slip, like KCKT. I directly fall in love with it because of the incredible slip it has.
For me, slip is more important with LI then with rinse out co. So when a rinse out co is light enough and has a lot of slip, I use it as a leave-in. It's the case with Yes to Tomatoes and Cucumber conditioners.

My hair tangle a lot and as soon as I apply LI that doesn't have enough slip, I feel like my hair want to tangle and it's more complicated to put my styler because I usually finger comb while applying it to distribute it better.
3B-A, colored, med texture-density, High porosity

DT: AOHRS - CJHBDF - Mixed Chicks
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Conditioner: Mop Top, Toe Shea, AOHRS, AOGBP
Leave-in:KCKT , Darcy Peach Kernel, Aloeba,YTT/YTC co,Christine Grant LI
Stylers: KCCC, CJ CCC, DMMC, Mixed Chiks, BB Jellie Creme, HESMU, Mop Top gel, HPO curling pudding

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