You know, we're also all porous too... hrm....
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I hate to be the wrench in the works but I have the same problem...and I have very low porosity. Or at least I assume I do. I get wet very quickly in the shower and scrunching out the water leaves my hair just all but dry. I floated a hair in a cup of water and it was still happily floating 24 hours later-and it wasn't sitting on surface tension.

But I've found that KCKT is too 'soft' to help hold curls, and something like JCWDT works much better-though it's still not great. On off days, though, i can scrunch in a little JCWDT and have moderate/mediocre waves, vs doing the same with KCKT and I go virtually straight.

Great topic though! I'm very curious to know what Dominicana's hand lotion has in it now though!
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Hair that gets wet and dries easily is porous. Low porosity hair has trouble soaking things up and then giving them up. My hair is short and there isn't a lot of it--it can take me four or five hours to air dry.
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I take about 4 hours, even with KCCC in, which slows down drying time, and I have longish hair. It just shows porosity differences!

ETA: Although I have porous hair, I can "pass" the float test unless it is the first week post hair dye. My routine gives me enough help to pass as faux-normal in water, but its true state is porous.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.

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