The be curly has a cone you have to either sulfate or if you're like me clarify to get out. That ACV or lemon crap don't cut it. It's like glued to the hair. As long as you scrub it out it's fine but if you don't it will cause stuff to sit on top of your hair and look gunky and greasy. Dimethicone does that to my hair too. Oh and bees wax that's too high on the list.

For some the A cone will do that after a while but you can no poo and get that out thankfully.
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I was wondering about the A cone that is in OneC. But if it can be washed out without sulfates then I guess that's ok.
What about the beeswax -- it's in SIF! Will I need to use a sulfate poo to get that out??
Laurabeth: I thought about maybe keeping the sap spray but I think it's just too heavy for my hair. I tried spraying it on my hands and scrunching it in but it still left me looking greasy. My stylist made it work -- which is frustrating!

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