Hmm, this is interesting to read! I'm new to this and haven't tried a lot of products yet... but I think that FotE AVG is "grabby" on my hair. Maybe too grabby - whenever I try to scrunch it in, some of my hair sticks to the gel in my hand and gets pulled out of my clumps. I don't think I've gotten the hang of applying it yet, hehe. I often have to smooth, comb or brush my hair (don't worry, I am gentle, I promise) to smooth down the hairs it pulls out.

My hair is wavy with some ringlets/curls (wurls?) in it. I believe my hair is porous and medium/fine (on the fine side of medium). I also believe my curl pattern is on the weak side, because when my hair gets wet it straightens right out until it dries, and then out come the waves.

I'm learning a lot from this forum, you all rock!
Wavy (of some sort) - Porous - Fine/Medium - Thin/Medium (I think!)
Testing too many products to list!