I was wondering about the A cone that is in OneC. But if it can be washed out without sulfates then I guess that's ok.
What about the beeswax -- it's in SIF! Will I need to use a sulfate poo to get that out??
Laurabeth: I thought about maybe keeping the sap spray but I think it's just too heavy for my hair. I tried spraying it on my hands and scrunching it in but it still left me looking greasy. My stylist made it work -- which is frustrating!
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The A-cone is stubborn, but I've done okay with sulfate-free poos (like Jessicurl HCC) when it's lower in the ingreds (like OneC but not GF which was amodimethicone-intense for me). As for the beeswax, I haven't tried SIF yet for thay reason. I have had a real issue removing beeswax in the past. At some point, I'll break down and try SIF, but so far, I haven't gotten brave enough to.

As for the Sap Spray, you may want to ask your stylist for tips on use (since she would want to help rather than have you return it), unless you're getting to the end of your return window.