My curl pattern needs it's encouragement for sure. If I don't style, I'm for sure 2c. I can bump it to 3a with successful styling. I vastly prefer leave ins with lots of slip. I might be able to get more curl formation from the grabby leave in's, but I hate the way they feel so much that I'd rather have a bit looser curl then use them and have tighter curl. I love slip! I don't need it, I just love it. I would say that CJCR and GDLI are both slippy conditioners for me. KCKT is a little grabby for me now (my hair is starved for moisture currently, so KCKT doesn't cut it right now). I think that the grabby quality could also be influenced by what's already in your hair. For instance, if you use a really moisturizing, slippy rinse out, wouldn't that make the leave in glide through your hair more easily?

Fine/thin 2c/3a, Low-Medium Porosity, Dry!