Somewhat of a tangent but the need for so much slip (to minimize tangling with styling) runs concurrent with the success I have with DEL's spritz and condish method. If I am using a more grabby condish then I need longer for the condish to soak in for me to be able to later manageably style.

Also, if I don't have slip in my LI my hair eventually feels dry later in the day no matter what styler I use. I'm thinking now that's probably because a grabby LI prevents me from even distribution of product.

I'm such a hair nerd - I love threads like these! :-)

BTW, what are fairy knots - are these the same as single strand knots?
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I tangle like crazy and I use my Mebco comb and finger detangle at least 5 times, often more, to get rid of all the shed hairs that are caught up. I find I can detangle much easier with the S&C method. I think it's because conditioner penetrates longer.

I do the flip over hair rinse in the shower and have to hold my hair very carefully to not tangle when I right myself - that's after combing out "all" the tangles.

I can apply my LI and products upside down and no problems when I right myself with tangles. It seems everything is stuck back together by that point.

I like a base product with slip too. I think it's one of the reasons I loved CK so much for so long. It was my base layer and had so much slip.

So if those that tangle a lot prefer slip and those that don't prefer grab, what characteristic(s) makes one tangle more? Maybe that's common denominator.

I think RCC's hair and mine are pretty much opposite in texture and porosity yet we both tangle and get fairy knots.
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