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I notice that my curl formation and it's ability to maintain that formation throughout the day is generally better with a leave in that "sets the stage" by not providing too much slip. It's not that I don't like slip but that I'm not looking for detangling in a leave in--I'm looking for something to provide moisture (and sometimes protein) that helps the curl enhancer work better.

For me a leave in that has tons of slip and "slipperi-ness" is the Shescentit Coco Leave In. Although I love the smell and the moisture level it doesn't work as a leave in for me when I'm going for curl formation. It seems to have so much slip that the curls literally slide out. This may sound strange to some. However for my son it is the perfect leave in because he has very short hair that's much thicker and it prevents and helps tangles in his hair (we don't comb it much as he doesn't tangle like my daughter).

I think it may be (the whole grab issue) because my curl is not strong by itself--it needs a lot of encouragement. My hair curls more (almost like a more grabby leave in actually holds my curls together better). My daughter's curl is very strong and she adores the greater slip leave in's. She gets fairy knots and her hair will go into dred's very easily if we aren't careful and the more slip the better for her.

I'd be so curious to know if anyone else finds that they like the leave in's that grab your hair.

So I find the leave in's that grab are:

Terax Life Drops

Hairveda Moist Condition Pro

Donna Marie Conditioner

Jasmine's Babassu Conditioner, Shea Conditioner and Moisture Renewal Leave in

Curl Junkie Curl Rehab

CJ Beauticurls Leave In

Lustrasilk OOC

The leave in's or products I've tried as Leave In's that have too much slip for me are:


Shescentit Coco Leave In


KBB Nectar

The ones that work great even though they have slip are the CJ CA LI and the DB Pumpkin Conditioner.
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I am soooo glad you brought this up. I have always wondered about this, even though I call it....things that make me go clump, it's like instant!!! I know I like it and it will be a good hair day. It does matter, on my hair, what my protein level is. Products grab or clump my hair better if I have enough protein. When I start to get oc'ed, I get more slip. Does this make sense? Everything cj makes me go clump, gftn does too, but only after I protein. Could it be the magic protein / moisture balance?
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