Whatsercurl -- omg it isn't quano at all!

Its discussion and I love it. I figure its all sorta connected. Really, part of it is just a feel preference Like laura said, she just wants that slick feeling I have also personally wondered what made hair clump vs what didn't. I know now its not just having well moisturized hair, because when my hair was dry and frizzy it clumped better than when it was well moisturized -- so its probably different for everyone.

I'm sure there are tons of factors involved!

Oh and special thanks to those of you who are listing your grabby condishes -- I can't wait to try some and see if the concept works lol!

You know -- it may actually have something to do with positive and negative charges as well (just to throw some more crap out there). I always have a problem with static in the winter. When I would blow dry my hair straight in th winter, I'd have to load it UP with products, just so it wouldn't float into the atmosphere.
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