I have a long list

-- I stopped using conditioner due to skin issues.

-- I use baby shampoo 3 times a week and it has SLS down the list.

-- I used to use a condish with cones when I wanted my hair to look better (and it gave me cysts )

-- I straighten sometimes to see the length. I lightly comb under the dryer and it's straight for me.

-- I don't really care for the curl/wave anymore, actually I lightly finger comb after shower to loosen because it looks longer

-- I use a comb or a denman brush whenever I feel like it, wet or dry.

-- Sometimes I wish I had straight(er) hair because it wouldn't shrink

-- ETA: When I think the henna on my front hairs got too dark or too red (happens when you try to do roots only and I like my henna orange!) I put some bleach on them for 5-6 mins. Gives me lovely natural looking highlights since the henna doesn't budge and only the natural pigment underneath gets lighter. But that bleach I use...it's not meant for the hair on your head so it's pretty harsh

I'm a bad wavy
Priestess Brigit of the Moonlight Oracle in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

Type: Mix of 1c/2c/3a , fine-ish medium, ii/iii, normal porosity
Lenght: U-Shaped BSL
Goal: Wavy and clumpy waist length hair

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