Went to weigh myself and I weigh 211 lbs so I have a long way to go. My Goal is for now is 136lbs.. I am 5'3" so I think that will be a ideal weight for me. (If anyone has any imput about what I should weigh please let me know).
I had a good day today, didn't have to bad of hunger attack. I have to be at work at 7am so usually can't eat so early. So I passed on breakfast.

For lunch I had a small porkchop and egg with 2 tbsp of cheese ( I don't like eggs so have to spice it up a little) both were cooked with Pam.

I didn't have a afternoon snack cause I am not sure yet of what all I can eat. So I am avoiding it. I drank alot of water. (it was hard cause I don't like water) But I am determined to make it.

For Dinner I had some grilled Turkey and about a cup of rutabaga and water. I added a teaspoon of butter to it.

I feel good about myself and controlling my hunger yeah I know its only day 1 but I made it!
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