Congratulations on Day 1! I hope you dont mind replies - I just started coming to this forum so I'm not sure what the protocall is. I started my own joural, but I'm not exactly sure what everyone else does here. :headscratch:headscratch.gif

I started a diet 3 weeks ago, so I understand how you feel. I find the first 7 days the hardest. If you can make it that far, you're all set! Good luck!

I'm not a great one to be giving advice, but i cant help myself!
Dont worry too much about how much weight you have to lose. Give yourself small goals. It can be too overwhelming to think how much you have to lose to get to your end goal. Set up small goals so that you will always feel successful!!

Good luck with South Beach! I'm not sure how that one works, so I'll have to keep reading other threads....
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