Is it the street I live on??
Is it my old leaded glass windows?? We have inserts for heat efficiency so that should keep drafts down.
Is it my old style radiator heating??
What??? Tell me what it is??
Is it because the house was built in the 20's?
Am I obsessive compulsive (yes) but lets not put that in the mix...

My husband and I vacuum (everything that can be vacuumed) daily with the dyson because we have pets.
Counters, bathrooms, kitchen daily.
Dusting every other day especially if it couldn't be picked up by vacuuming.

Wake up the next day and boom. Looks like you did nothing!
Is it just me or do newer homes stay cleaner than older homes?
Am I examining the house too closely?
No clutter. Not a pack rat.

It has me almost thinking about selling if it is the house even tho I love our house.

I feel like Joan Crawford Do you think it's clean? Well, do you?? Scrub...scrub hard Christina!!