Curly Q Gurl, I just wanted to say congratulations on starting the SBD. I have the book, and had actually started last week. It was actually not that bad. I had tried Atkins before, and I felt so deprived. On the SBD, I donít feel deprived at all. I actually like it. I can actually have my chocolate fix daily. After dinner, I treat myself to one Blue Bunny no sugar added (sweetened with splenda) fudgsicle (they are very good). You can actually have up to 75 calories daily of no sugar added popsicles (which blue bunny makes, again sweetened with splenda), no sugar added jello, hard candies (artificially sweetened, but high in calories, IMO), part skim mozzarella cheese sticks, and nuts (they vary in amount according to the type of nut). If you donít already have the book, I would suggest you get it. It has tons of information in it and lots of recipes. I canít remember much more off the top of my head. Sorry. Congratulations again on starting your new way of life. Lots of luck to you!!!!