Brushing. I'm still experimenting to find a way to wear my hair curly without it looking a mess, so I guess this is the transition period. And if it does, and I'm in a hurry, I can't resist brushing it. It's not remotely hard to brush, but if I do (especially if I brush it before letting it dry w/products in it), bye bye individual waves. I get better shine this way too, probably due to distribution. So it's very tempting to cheat.

My favorite product (Inecto smoothing serum) has cones. (Though usually my hair hates cones!) Still looking for something cone-free that has the same effect--soft and shiny, but not glittery, if you know what I mean.

FIA 2a-c, ii.
Combo. fine/low porosity & coarse/porous.
Stylers: All-in-one spray, FSG, KCCC
Also using: Inecto condish, WW Tiare Pomade
Dislikes: soap bars, glycerin, protein.
Yawns at: all gels (even LALSG), Seamollient.