ETA: Two months ago, Curlyboy and I found the perfect house, still being built. We are now in the process of closing. Here is my story.

So a few things have transpired and I am not sure how I should feel:

1. On November 28th, I was sent an email from the builder's office that the closing our house was quickly approaching. The builder sent me a letter stating that within 2 weeks someone would call from the customer sales office to notify me of an exact closing date. The letter also stated that I should contact my lender and let him know that we are approaching a closing date so that all last minute paperwork can be completed.

2. That same day, I replied to the email as the author and I have been emailing back and forth anyways. I usually email her to get updates on the closing stuff. I asked in my reply if she had any idea what date the corporate office was 'thinking' about as a closing date.

3. On the 30th, the reply to my reply was that the 11th of December was slated as a closing date.

*Now here a tricky part* I replied back and said that the 11th would be fine, but if I had my preference I would like the 14th or 15th. (Curlyboy and I had financial issues with an earlier closing date, as our money would be tied up in savings for closing. I get paid on the 13th and we would be better equipped if the closing was after...) I never heard a reply back from the corporate office. So, I contacted my original sales agent, and he confirmed that the date for closing was slated for Dec 11th.

4. That same day, the 30th, I called my lender. He was already aware of the closing date. That was great, for me, because that meant he was probably getting my final paperwork ready! He told me that he simply needed to do an bank statement verification, to ensure that I had the necessary funds to close. I was asked to save up two months worth of mortgage. No problem. That was in my saving's account. I told him to check my savings account on December 1st (the next day as I had just deposited my paycheck!)

5. I got a call on Monday, December 4th. The lender needed my account number. I gave him the information and reminded him to check my savings account.

6. I never heard back from him. On the 6th, at my wits end because I had no updates, I emailed the corporate office and asked if they were aware why no one had called to confirm the closing date. I was told that the lender had not sent over my paperwork and so the escrow manager could not set a closing time.

7. Well, I quickly called the lender, at around 5pm on the 6th. I left two messages on two of his phone numbers. About 20 mins later he called me back and told me that he had received my CHECKING account information but the balance shown was not enough. Well, duh! I told you to check my savings information! So he said he would have to order the verification again for the savings account. Why didn't he call me as soon as he found out that the information was not accurate?! He said he would contact me the next day with an update.

8. December 7th, I call again and leave two messages for the lender. Well I am starting to panic, so I call back and ask for his assistant. She verifies that they received the correct account information and that the paperwork has been sent to the corporate office. I remind her that the closing date was scheduled for the 11th, would the paperwork be ready in time. She, very rudely, assures me that it will be.

9. Later that day, around 2:30, the lender calls me back and ask for an additional piece of information. By 3, I have sent him the information. At 3:30 he calls me back and tells me that the paperwork was sent to the corporate office and the we wouldn't know till tomorrow (today) what the status is. He also throws - I keep thinking your closing is on the 18th! And I reply with No! You are the one who confirmed with me that the date was the 11th! He said he would call me back in the morning (this morning) with a status update.

10. Today, I call him, again! Around noon to get a status report. Earlier in the morning, I even emailed him for information and got no reply. So I called, we chatted. He said he is trying to rush the paperwork. I asked - so is this going to delay my closing?

*Now here comes the bulk of my issues*

He tells me he is not sure. In return I ask, does the builder know what's going on? He replies I have more contact with the builder than you realize. I am forwarded every email you send to the builder. Originally you had said that you wouldn't mind closing on a later date and now you want the 11th. The builder knows that the status of your paperwork at this time. They know that at your request we ordered the account verification on the 1st. They know that it came back with the wrong account info on the 6th and that we reordered the information on the 7th.
He then says that he'll call me back later in the day with a status report. I hang up the phone.

Now this is what I wish I had said but was to angry to think about at the time -

Yes, on the 1st you said you WOULD order the account information. But on the 4th, you called to verify (actually get, since he lost it!) my account number! I called YOU on the 6th, to see what was going on. YOU didn't bother to call me earlier to say that the information was not correct.

So how is it MY fault (which is how he made me feel) that you delayed the paperwork???

I guess my main issue is that on the 7th, I emailed my contact at the builder's office and wrote:
I am a bit disgruntled with the time its taken for him to get the paperwork done, considering I was in contact with him after I got the closing condition letter from you (last week). I don't know why he waited till the last moment to take care of the loose ends.
And know I know that he knows I said this.

I don't know how to feel about this! I feel like the builder violated my trust, that my lender has taken me for a ride and that I will never close (I am sure I will. I am just a pessimist!)

Sorry this was SOO long. I just had to get this off my chest and recorded. Thanks for reading!
*disclaimer* spelling, grammatical and psychological errors are for your enjoyment.