Is it just me, or are conservatives, on average, more mean-spirited than liberals? Or gloaty, or something?

Decidedly more ranty. Liberals strike me as more chill.

I mean, look at this thread. Geez, CTFO.

Maybe it's because the party's been on a death spiral, so they're feeling all underdoggy or something.

R-E-L-A-X, my little conservative friends. You'll live longer and be able to send more of your kind to the Senate! Yay!
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Riiiight. Cuz, we all know that libs never gloat.
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Actually, libs really do seem less vindictive.

Please take note: I'm not a liberal, I'm pretty moderate. So I'm watching from the outside here. And that last paragraph I wrote, I meant it. I want there to be a balance. But the meanness has got to stop and it's mostly emanating from the right as of late. For real.

And again, take a look at this very thread. And many political threads on here. It's almost always the conservatives who go on some sort of ad hominem, ranty tear, not the liberals.

I just have very little patience for people who just want to whine but aren't contributing anything. Whether it's a perception problem, I don't know, but that's how conservatives are coming across these days.
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WH--were you asleep the last 8 years? I have friends who support Obama and those who don't. And, oddly enough, may of the supporters comment on the fact that he is bi-racial. That has come up ONCE in discussions by people that don't support him....and that was someone in their 80s, so I just disregarded it. Not a big deal.

OTOH, my boss can't decide whether to call him Obama or Osama so he uses them both...and I correct him gently each time (I have to be careful...he's 69, stroke survivor & early stages of Alzheimer's, so I have to be judicious when correcting him...even if I am here temp)
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