-I use cones sometimes. Honestly, my hair looks the same no matter what I use in it.
-I diffuse daily. I need volume, big hair is sexy!
-I occassionally straighten my hair. I also occassionally use a blowdrying technique, with a round brush, to get beautiful, even curls. Check out Chaz Dean's website for how to do it, its awesome! No crunch, volume is amazing, soft, flowing curls=love.
-I love the way No-Poo smells so much, I sometimes leave it on my hair for my entire shower. I also do this when I cowash with V05 Vanilla Mint. They're yummy.
-Every once in awhile, I use hairspray. I have a hairspray from Eufora that smells like candy, and works great. We all need extra hold sometimes. Since my hair is so short, if I wear it up, I need hairspray or it will turn into a hot mess.
-I use rubberbands when I pull my hair up. I don't think this is addressed in the CG book, but I'm sure it's frowned upon. I do put coconut oil in my hair before using them though, they slip out easier this way, with little to no breakage.

I'm sure I could confess more, but I can't think of much right now.

Everytime I read an article that explains that sulfates aren't so bad, or silicones are good for your hair in one way or another, I have to literally remind myself that I don't subscribe to that theory. Everyone else shampoo's, why can't I? That sort of thing..

How's My Hair?
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