Mind if I guano your thread a bit to give you MY stressful house buying situation?

We have a new house that has been in the building phase for a year. When we filled out all our paperwork, got our Purchase and Sales, and pre approval from our lender it was in November of 2005. Once we got the approval that we would get the loan, they went ahead and started construction.

For a year now, as they're building our home,we are keeping in close contact wth our lender, making sure there are no problems with our credit, and any additional money needed, and we were told for the entire year that everything was going well, and we wouldn't have a problem.

Our closing date was scheduled for Nov 22 - we recieve a call from our lender on Monday Nov 20th, and he says they won't be ready for the 22nd, but will probably be ready that Friday the 24th - On Friday they tell us it will probably be ready the following Monday.

We STILL have not gotten a closing date! Our entire house has been packed up and ready to go for the ORIGINAL date of the 22nd - In the meantime we haven't been able to do anything to get ready for Christmas, and I'm totally freaking out b/c I don't know when we're going to get in there. This house is a total disaster as we're waiting to get the call that we're going to go any second, and we have tenants that are planning to move into our place by the first of the year!

We have NO idea what is taking so long, or why it hasn't gone through. There hasn't been any requests from us for anything to help it move along, we just are constantly being told that they'll call us back tomorrow.

So trust me, I feel your pain!!
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

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