I live in the same area as you kathymack so that must be it. I will try to go heavier on the conditioning.

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You need to identify your hair's texture and porosity--that will help us identify products or types of ingredients to use. Personally, I found the Jane Carter N & S too heavy for my hair--and I use a lot of heavy products!

If you're low to medium porosity, protein helps a lot with frizz. It's all a balance of moisture and protein. Once you discover your hairs attributes and what it's like, it's easier not to jump on every product "bandwagon." (This is said by someone who rotates about 20 products at any one time.) You'll be able to find people who have hair like yours and "stalk" them on the boards. If their hair likes something, yours might like it, too.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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