I'm a 3b/3c and I have a heck of a time finding something that doesn't strip my color out and be gentle.I'm looking at going the natural route, I started using a Castille soap for babies on my hair. It has all the good oils in it and none of those crap additives. My scalp's not used to it yet and it's a bit itchy, but I was warned about that since the PH is different. Right now I'm doing a conditioner at wash and a rinse on the 2nd/3rd day or else my curls go flat. I'm part middle eastern and my hair gets frizzy at the drop of a hat.

I've been using mostly drugstore bought stuff until September. I went to a natural body care store called Bliss soaps in Seattle, he had this custard stuff that was a miracle, a serious miracle. I'm Canadian and I can't have it sent to me so I've tried a few products but haven't found really anything close to the custard. The closest so far has been KMS Curl Up Control Creme and at $25 for 5oz, my hair goes to the middle of my back so it's far to expensive and I use up a bottle in two weeks.. I can't afford to stay on this stuff...

Anyone with coarse curly hair looking for natural products too?
thick, dry and curly red curls 3-b/3-c