Okay, so I caught a glimpse of a movie I hadn't seen before while getting ready for my girls night out dinner last night. I think it was called "The Women". But what REALLY caught my eye was Meg Ryan's HAIR!!!! The movie is from 2008.

OMG I want this HAIR! When I saw it in the movie I hoped that it could be natural, but after seeing it in this pic, I'm almost sure that its crafted -- i.e. rollers or curling irons. It LOOKs like it could almost be natural though. I want this hair only with my dark brown...sigh. If my hair keeps its current pattern -- it MIGHT ALMOST JUST SORTA look like this when it gets long. Minus some of the volume. Obviously. It just made me happy to think that my own hair MIGHT look SORTA similar one day. LOL.

Obviously, NOT the straight haired picl. However, her expressions cracked me up, and its so typical meg ryan, so I had to use this pic.

I think there was a thread with this title, but I was being lazy and didn't look it up. Its not cause I think I'm special and need my own post.
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