In a "true democracy" how are the rights of those in the political minority protected from what can be capricious views of a majority?
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Fine, then. In a true democracy, the rights of the political minority don't matter.

There are some ways to lessen this effect. Proportional elections instead of winner-take-all elections in the House. And obviously there should be civil rights protections put in place in order to ensure that certain groups aren't trampled.

By the way, measurements of political freedom have found that unicameral legislatures allow for just as much political freedom as bicameral legislatures do: (see US vs. other industrialized nations).


But okay, okay, abolishing the Senate would obviously never happen. I was being facetious. But seriously, you don't even think it should be changed? Just a little bit? Forty-one senators from our 21 smallest states—just over 10 percent of our population—can block bills using the filibuster. About 70 percent of major bills currently face a filibuster. I mean, I understand minority protections, but it seems like they're making out like bandits, here! And in the meantime, neither party can effectively govern.

How can one look at the Senate as it operates now and even suggest that it protects minority political rights? Ha! What minorities are we looking to protect, here, anyway? The insurance and pharmaceutical industries? They seem really well protected, considering they're able to override the American public that VOTED for health care reform with a public option! Defense contractors who don't care about the gendered violence that occurs against their own employees overseas? Yeah, they seem pretty well protected, too. These minorities have basically rendered the American people impotent.

And then we have real minorities who DO need protections; if they aren't degraded, they are ignored. This is why gays still aren't allowed to marry, and why abortion rights are being threatened in friggin' 2009. Jesus.

We all know what kind of people wrote the American constitution. Rich, white, slave-owning men. Based on our founders' demographics, it's obvious that some minorities deserve more protection than other minorities.
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