I thin most wavy hairstyles for actresses are crafted. They have to be able to cut things they film on two separate days together into one scene. Try getting natural hair to look the same on two separate days.
I think you hair would be cute like that.
Guano-I haven't seen the new movie, but I love the old versions of The Women. The 1950's one is pretty good, but the 1939 version is one of my favorite all time movies. Directed by George Cukor with an all star cast including the man stealing Joan Crawford. They play it on TCM once in a while if anyone is interested.
I forgot to mention that the entire cast of the 1939 version is female, including the animals.
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I was reading a review of it (cause I had no idea what it was about, but it was mildly interesting to catch parts of while I was getting ready) and the 2008 version does use an all female cast etc, but the reviewer said the director totally loses the point of the original movies/plays. I seriously wanna see the originals now! I'll have to see if I can get the 1939 version on Netflix or on demand.

Wavy, that girl is beautiful! Seriously though, her hair screams "hot rollers" so, I"m trying to pick hair idols that are REAListic lol. I am not going to hot roll or curl my hair every morning. ever. again.
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