I questioned my peri about bedrest because I'd read it didn't improve outcomes in most situations. He agreed but wanted me to continue anyway so I could listen to my body without distractions.
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That's a good line. Sounds a lot better than you're-less-likely-to-sue-me.

And that's not to disparage you. Really. I understand women are scared when complications develop during pregnancy. And I will agree that bedrest might help a very few women/babies. But OB's know that bedrest is way overprescribed and puts women at significant risk for little-to-no benefit, but they keep prescribing it anyway...because they're afraid not to. It's become standard-of-care, without evidence to back it up, and OB's know they will get sued if something goes wrong and they didn't adhere strictly to standard-of-care. The first thing a lawyer is going to say is "well, why wasn't she put on bedrest, that's standard of care", and there goes their malpractice insurance premiums through the roof.