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Read what I wrote. Hudak isn't a just a supporteróBrown endorsed his campaign. Hudak is well-known for his racist beliefs. So...? What you wrote doesn't really make sense.

I think anyone who tries to exert control over a woman's body is a sexist...don't make assumptions about things I never explicitly stated. Believe me, a lot of Democrats have sold women up the river on this issue, especially recently...because reproductive rights are dispensable, apparently. It sickens me. But Republicans are typically worse in this regardóTed Kennedy never supported parental consent laws and waiting periods. There's more than one issue at stake here, yeah? (By the way, wow, thanks for cherry picking!) And it's obvious to me, based on how Brown voted on those peripheral issues (including stem cell research, partial birth abortion, etc.), that he is only pro-choice because it is politically expedient in MA.

As for your comments regarding the LGBTQ, ENDA is about making sure that homosexuals aren't discriminated against by employers. LGBTQ individuals are far more likely to be discriminated against than your average Joe, which means they require extra protections in order to have "equal" protections under the law. How could you not see this?

If anyone is guilty of stereotyping and making generalizations it's you, accusing me of throwing out words like racist, sexist and homophobe indiscriminately when I've obviously thought about whether Brown really deserves those titles. Sorry we disagree on what racists, sexists and homophobes are, but I'd love to hear your definitions. Do you agree with your Republican ilk that President Obama is a racist, for example?
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