Sexist: With all of the Catholics and Catholic Hospitals in Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy supported the conscious clauses as well. But I doubt if you would call him a sexist. The legislation Brown was sponsoring allowed for any other health care provider on duty being able to give the emergency contraception, and if one could not be found in that hospital, the rape victim would be transported, with no expense to her, to a hospital where someone could give her that. Later, Brown voted for the final bill, even though his amendment (again, Kennedy supported the same principle) failed.
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Regardless of those provisions, I think if a professional is going to have a serious moral or religious issue with doing part of their job, they need to find a new career. I don't think it's right to allow a doctor/nurse/pharmacist to deny legal medical services based on their private beliefs.

And as an extension from that, religion has no place in deciding legislation of same-sex marriage in a country that boasts freedom of religion. Churches can refuse to marry certain people, but that's all the power they should have. Christians are forcing everyone, regardless of faith, to abide by their rules and that's wrong. I suspect Christians wouldn't like having another religion's practices forced on them.

It's funny how some (socially conservative) Republicans are so concerned with having small government, yet they actually want the government to poke its nose into people's bedrooms and women's uteri. Totally baffling to me.

Anyway, there have been a ton of threads on those subjects and I don't expect to change anyone's mind, so that's that.

I agree with BB's assessment that if it had been a woman candidate who posed for Playboy or Maxim or whatever, people would have been shrieking about it. That's true of either political party. It's similar to how people judged Sarah Palin for running for office when she has four children, including a special needs baby. Nobody throws a fit when a man with kids runs for office; in fact, they look favorably upon him as a "family man." I think BB's point was not so much a dig at conservatives as it was the plain truth about how sexist our entire society is.

And I heart MandatoryFun, too!

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