I agree with BB's assessment that if it had been a woman candidate who posed for Playboy or Maxim or whatever, people would have been shrieking about it. That's true of either political party. It's similar to how people judged Sarah Palin for running for office when she has four children, including a special needs baby. Nobody throws a fit when a man with kids runs for office; in fact, they look favorably upon him as a "family man." I think BB's point was not so much a dig at conservatives as it was the plain truth about how sexist our entire society is.
Yes thank you! Clinton had nominated Kimba Woods for attorney general and there was an uproar b/c she trained for five days as a Playboy bunny. And Bunnies wear more clothing than Brown had on in his photo shoot. What was the difference? I'm sure a lot of the woman who are swooning over Brown's photo spread would be appalled if photos surfaced of a topless female politician. And don't even try to tell me Brown's pictures weren't sexual.

Re: Brown's racism. I posted upthread a link to Brown questioning whether Obama was born in wedlock. I'm not suprised it didn't get much mention. It would have if he were a Democrat because there are no liberal equivalents to Limbough, Hanity, Beck etc. They are the people who run with stories like this, then FOX makes it into real news, and we are off! Keith Olbermann and Rachel Madow just don't have the audience these guys do (I confess I don't watch them much either).
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