As someone who is on week 17 of bedrest with my second pregnancy, I beg to differ that bedrest does not have an impact. I was on bedrest for 12 weeks with my first as well and delivered her at 39 weeks. I will be 36 weeks tomorrow and believe that without this intervention I would have lost my baby (even after having a rescue cerclage placed).

Now, every situation is different....each & every one. But, not all medical intervention is bad. Not all women are attention seeking in this realm (your sister might be, I don't know her). If you're faced with potentially losing your baby, you'll think LONG & HARD about your options and would do most anything to ensure their safe arrival. Does that mean you go into the process ignorant and not try to educate yourself - heck no. But if a woman trusts her doctor (which she should!) then that's what matters.

I've been wearing anti-embolism stockings while on bedrest. I'd do daily ankle rolls & leg stretches, but obviously being immobile is harsh on your body. My restrictions have become less strict in recent weeks because of the gestational age we've reached, however up until about 32 weeks I was only getting up to use the restroom & shower every few days. Plus I had weekly appointments.

Obviously she should stay well hydrated & eat well during this time, but she should be doing that while pregnant anyway. She should keep in mind that the inactivity may have an effect on her gastrointestinal functions & she may need a little help in the bowel movement department. Eating well & staying hydrated will help this, but she may need stool softeners or something of that nature to assist.

Best of luck to your sister. I hope she makes it full-term and these complications go away.