1. I always brush my hair before showering.

2. I low poo every single day.

3. I diffuse my hair every single day with high heat (somehow the higher temps. improve my curl pattern and retention)

4. I use a wide toothed hair pick to gently comb through my hair after diffusing, to give more volume to my 'do.

5. I am a hairspray addict. It it my best styler and I will never part with it. I wish I could, but I just can't.

6. I believe I have become addicted to this website!!!
my hair:
2a/b, fine-haired but lots of it, highlighted on top/front, shoulder length, trying to balance out frizziness versus flatness.

products I use:
low poo - Live Clean Wave Enhancing or Giovanni 50:50
conditioner - LaCoupe Colour Rescue, Joico KPak for protein deep treat once/wk
styling - AG Recoil, HESMU gel, Loreal Studio Architect Wax, Tresemme tres two hairspray

modified cg since November '09