Pretty much sucked. Yours?
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I feel the same way. Hope things do improve.
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Me too, but the way things are going, I'm not sure I can deal with any more 'hope-y change-y.

Healthcare. Why is it necessary to completely redo an entire industry that is 1/6th of our economy? Why not concentrate on the things that need to be done? Tort reform would be a great idea for starters. After the backroom deals, the slammed shut doors on it, it needs to be completely scrapped. And the outright bribery? Cornhuskers deal and the New La. Purchase? Please. Supertax on 'cadillac' policies unless you are a union member? Scrap the whole thing. All Congress exempt from it? Please.

Stimulus cost me my job. Pure and simple and a direct link. We had shovel ready jobs here in the state of CO., but as my company was not politically connected to Gov Ritter (D), then we didn't get any of it.

His first priority should have been the economy. Pure and simple. 'Cause if there are no jobs, there IS no tax revenue, the states have to cut back & so do the feds. But one of the first things Congress did was vote themselves a lovely wage increase.

Transparency? Where. Oh, we can see thru his agenda, but as far as transparency as far as new bills, etc. there is none. At all.

Obama has absolutely no business experience and neither do any of his Cabinet members or any of the czars. Unfortunately, the US government is one of the biggest businesses in the world and it is not being run like one. The Dems have spent the last year spending more money than the Republicans did (which I thought was obscene). In the meantime, the economy is still in the toilet.

So, he's not done a good job at all. If I am generous...maybe a C....minus.
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